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Talent Spark platform

The Portfolio platform is therefore structured around the needs of three specific users: the students of the Academy; companies and bodies interested in exploring and contacting developers; the management of the organization interested in monitoring and composition of the student body and in the development of their careers once the training course is over.

The richness and uniqueness of such a composite and interdisciplinary profile does not fit in with existing professional presentation tools, whether they are traditional curriculum vitae or other career-oriented digital platforms. It was therefore necessary to devise a new tool that would enable students to communicate this complexity to the outside world, and to companies and developers seeking to appreciate this wealth.

For students

The platform allows students to compose their own profile through the use of a wide variety of media and formats. The student’s page makes extensive use of visual material and presents itself more as a portfolio of projects and products than as a traditional resume. Students can begin to compose their own portfolio from the first days of attendance, and continue to update it well beyond the end of the course. In updating and popularizing their page, students simultaneously provide a showcase of their projects (personal and team) and a mapping of their skills and competences. The student thus has a powerful (and visually appealing) tool for presenting their skills and work.

For Enterprises, Companies, Institutions

The platform allows a selected group of subjects who request it (the platform is not public but is accessed by invitation) to view the list of all the profiles of the students and the gallery of their projects. It is a privileged look at the complexity and variety of the outputs that students produce during the year and from here you can discover, for example, that a talented and competent developer is also a great teamworker, also able to speak effectively in public and to produce extremely creative keynotes and great visual quality. The company can search through the profiles through a series of options and filters that allow to identify specific students with respect to certain levels of proficiency in a field or with respect to certain specific technical skills through a system of tags linked to the skills. The company can also easily save profiles in a bookmark area through which it can monitor only those students it considers most interesting in a specific section.

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Software Development

Software Development

We creat the best software solution to solve the problems of the company. The Engineers team follows the entire life cycle software: feasibility study, requirements, design, coding, integration and testing. we develop software that works everywhere: data are safe on remote servers, with access only to trusted people, and increasingly used by anywhere.

App Development

We use the most technology to completely build applications crossplatform that run on most modern operating systems used by the majority of devices currently on the market. we are attentive to all the news that the mobile application industry is constantly introducing and we pay particular attention to the image and quality of App